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Added on April 9, 2018

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A T-shirt is always a good choice for casual wear! You can wear it to many different outfits and occasions. The cutting form and the design are decisive. By selecting a specific cut, pattern or print you can emphasize your individual style and personality. Whether worn with ladies slim fit jeans or sweatshirts, a T-shirt always looks good! The T-shirt, which is reminiscent of the letter T due to its appearance with its short sleeves and the area in which the upper body is located, was actually only worn as an undershirt in its early days. So it was part of the underwear and for moral reasons it was not allowed to be shown publicly. Its origin, however, lies in the dark, but is often suspected among seafarers, but one is not sure. In the Second World War it became very popular and nowadays everyone wears a T-shirt – whether in leisure time or in sport. This garment has paved its way and is more popular than ever. They are mainly made of cotton and are dyed in the course of production, depending on the colour and intensity of the garment.

Colours, cuts and patterns are decisive for T-shirts!
The choice of colours is completely up to you! When choosing the right T-shirt, you can be guided not only by current trends, but also mainly by your own taste. A T-shirt always looks good with men’s Prim I shorts or men’s cargo pants. For women, the waisted cut and the so-called girlie shirt have become an absolute hit. You look: It is actually always useful for husband and wife, for children and grandparents. Get one or the other model. Your new T-shirt is waiting for you!